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Dead On The Side Of The Road

No, not Dr. Phil -- thankfully -- but the 1985 "Winter" Blazer quit on the hill leading up towards Kalamazoo. I suddenly had no power and when I pulled off the US-131 freeway, the Blazer was wreathed in white smoke, which quickly dissipated. Nothing truly looked amiss when I opened the hood, and it turned over but didn't start. (Later I tried again to start it and it wanted to catch, but didn't sound good.) There was a small puddle of oil underneath the vehicle. Yikes.

And Yet...

Now I could pout and shout, but once again it happened in a reasonable place and time. I broke down at around 10am, called AAA on the cellphone -- has new batteries and was fully charged so I didn't have to be anxious about the 16-minute call time to AAA -- and I have extended towing, so bringing it back 70 miles to Lemmen-Grand Chevy was no problem, and the driver even swung by my house so I could get the Summer Blazer and all "done" by 12:30. (Except for the diagnosis, urk! But even at that it's Thursday, so they work until 7pm, not 5pm, so I should have some kind of answer today.)

Okay, I had to call Western and cancel classes for today -- man, the third cancellation day for me this semester, that's a dubious record -- but the weather was dry and it wasn't rush hour or after hours.

So... it all could be so much worse, that I'll save the complaining for some other occasion.

Dr. Phil

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