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The Things You Never Think About

It wasn't til last week when I was working on my Things To Do weekly list that I had to actually write down the name of the Olympics host city. Without thinking about it, I wrote down Socchi. Then this week I realized that it wasn't six letters, but five. Sochi. Which the Kindle Fire HD desperately wants to changed to Sichuan.

But now the competition has begun and finally I realized that Sochi isn't five letters, either. It's four.


And now you know.


Cross-country skiing plus rifle marksmanship. I adore biathlon. Didn't get to see much. But there was a nice piece on the change in strategy. Everything used to be about slowing your breathing, even as you skated to your shooting position. Now? The training has changed its focus.


Gold medalist's first run in the finals did it. This is the extreme snowboarding latest assault on the Olympics. Some feel these crazies are breathing new life into the Olympics -- others have railed against all these new events. They may not use English vocabulary, but there's no doubt in my mind that these people are working hard.

This after lots of complaints about the course. Except this is the Olympics. Go big or stay home.

But sliding, excuse me, grinding on railings? In the Olympics? These kids these days... (grin)

5000 m

The ice looks beautiful for speed skating. There was something about a redesign of the slick suits I think by some Lockheed engineer. Used to have a zipper straight up the front. Hit the guys in the Adams apple. The women crowding the neck under the chin. The new zipper runs up diagonally to the side of the neck. Much more comfortable.

This year's rail mounted camera has a much longer run around the curve and seems to have a tighter, closer view. Feels like you're skating next to the... as hell, no it doesn't. It just looks cool.

Ski Jumping

Short hill prelims. Women get to fly in the Olympics this time, too.

Figure Skating

Team events. One of the U.S. women skaters managed to get on the team, despite a disastrous event. Hey, she's like the reigning U.S. champion. But the justification from the skating federation? "We select the most dependable, consistent skaters who can win." Uh, like the person who didn't?


The defending gold medalist from American got HUGE air on the first jump. Much higher than the others. Alas, she got knocked sideways by a bump on the landing and lost valuable time and points recovering. Took the bronze, which in her immediate post interview, she wasn't taking well.

The pressure to repeat. The pressure to win gold and only gold is intense.

A 19-year-old Canadian won. She jumped up and down and ran screaming out in front of the crowd, then struck a hard rock bassist down strum pose with her skis. This is X-Games rock star stuff.

Oh, and her sister? She took the silver. Go Canada.


86.5 mph? This course is bloody FAST. Welcome to the Olympics.

More tomorrow.

Dr. Phil

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