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My Newest Hero

Eve Muirhead, skip of the Great Britain women's curling team.

The British beat skunked the U.S. 12-3, tying the Olympic record for points. The Americans conceded after just six ends. GBR got seven points in one end, a new Olympic record. I didn't know you could actually score seven points in an end, other than in theory.

So here's to Eve Muirhead's all Scottish team, the defending Olympic champions. Eve is 23 -- she was 19 in Vancouver. She had two offers of American scholarships in golf, playing a two handicap -- Eve chose curling instead. And she plays bagpipes. Of course she does. There was something in a Guardian article about haggis, but the Silk browser on the Kindle Fire HD crashed and had to be restarted, but one can imagine.

The other day I mentioned I was going to install the NBC Sports app, but alas, it's not in the Kindle store. I'm assuming I could sideload the Android app. Instead I loaded the BBC Sports (Kindle Tablet Edition) free app.

There is a running short commentary during the day. They get a little punchy at the end of the day, but it's fun and short. Noting that tomorrow will be the start of the men's luge doubles, they quipped, "Two men, one tea tray. Cosy." And "The brilliant luge doubles starts tomorrow, along with the more artistic pairs skating."

As per usual during the Games, it doesn't matter the homer hype NBC spins things or how dominant a champion is -- at some point you have to play the game.

Given the weather, which briefly hit 56°F at the slope-whatever ski hill, and some people kvetched, the new sports of slope-whatever on snowboards and skis was bloody brilliant. On the other hand, the slushy halfpipe ate a number of athletes including defending gold medalist Shawn White, who was shut out of the medals. The winner's YOLO (You Only Live Once) was cleaner than Shawn's.

Other quick notes -- women's hockey, women's 10K biathlon, speed skating, the improbable short track speed skating, downhill on a wicked fast course, pairs figure skating short program. And surely more.

Oh, and FINALLY, women's ski jumping, though only on the normal hill. NPR had a nice piece on the whole "women can't do that" in athletics -- marathon, ski jumping, etc. One clueless non-NPR reporter was cited for actually asking a ski jumper if her uterus had fallen when she landed. WTF?

NBC pissed me off this weekend. Despite all these NBC channels, most were not showing anything. And what was being shown was repeated. We had saw the same events three-four times. There is NOTHING going on in Sochi? Really?

And Bob Costas' eyes are getting worse. Matt Lauer had to pinch hit in the studio tonight.

More anon... It's the Olympics! Oh and a few sneak peeks at the 138th Westminster Dog Show -- a wire Fox terrier named Sky won Best In Show. He was very much a Best In Show-worthy dog.

Dr. Phil

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