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Zeno's Paradox

To travel from point A to point B, you first have to go halfway...

It's halftime at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

-- the rounds in a hockey shootout are called innings. Or at least by the guy doing the play-by-play. So in the USA win over Russia, it was won in the 8th inning -- practically a baseball game.

-- in the qualifying runs for the snowboard cross, commentator said, "Like NASCAR, keep the shiny side up."

-- last Olympics where only ice dancing is allowed to have vocal music to skate to. Rule change in 2015. Queen! For the win!

-- on Saturday I saw some of the same coverage four times. Live, afternoon, prime time, late night. Not just the same events, the same coverage, same quips, same interviews.

-- on Sunday the interview with Bode Miller after the Super G was cringeworthy. After explaining how he had some mixed emotions about wanting to have been here with his brother (?), who just died, the reporter said, "You're clearly emotional right now -- what are you feeling?" HE JUST TOLD YOU! Pay attention.

-- and speaking of NBC's coverage, where are The Networks of NBC? Amongst NBC, NBCsports, CNBC and USA, at most two of these are in play at any given time. Often one.

-- I will give them credit for showing a decent amount of curling.

-- went to the NBC Olympic website to check what was on tonight. It's a pain in the ass. You can't do anything without entering a ZIPcode. It cheerfully tells me that my provider is DirectTV. No. Allendale has cable -- and it works. Then you can't do anything until you clear this pop over tab. And finally, why, at 8pm at night, is today's listing starting at noon? You have to hit the arrow a couple of times to scroll over to 8pm. Yet Another Lousy Programming Effort.

-- meanwhile I continue to enjoy the feed on the BBC Sports app. They do get punchy at the end of the day. And there are typos, which they don't correct. My favorite last night was talking about Sunday and the first runs of the two-man skeleton. Surely he meant bobsleigh. But imagining one guy diving onto a skeleton sled and another flopping atop while all are moving -- I don't know if it could ok d be an Olympic event, but it would be worth watching just for the starts.

Ice dancing, skeleton, bobsled, speed skating, short track speed skating, snowboard cross, 4x10K cross-country relay, large hill ski jumping -- a Japanese jumper in his SEVENTH Olympics took the silver, hockey, curling. Yup. It's the middle of the Winter Games.

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