They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

And Now We Wait

Winter storm advisory from Noon Monday to 4am Tuesday.

The snow has mostly stopped? Actually, the current radar shows a big dark blue blog over us, so maybe that's the Kalamazoo TV station. We got maybe 5-6" of snow, starting out dry and then getting heavy and wet. Not optimistic about tomorrow's commute. I've emailed my department chair and said it's 50:50 being live or Skype for the lecture.

The snow is supposed to be worse down by Kalamazoo. Certainly when I left around 2pm, the roads were down to single lanes both ways for the most part, a pickup or SUV was lying on its passenger side facing the wrong way where Business US-131 merged. Two big accidents on the southbound side. Near whiteout conditions in Allegan County before Exit 61. Pretty much 35-50mph the whole way. Snowy and slippery when I got to PT in Allendale. Late. Snow started up again and the rest of the drive home at 5:30pm sucked. Couldn't see either Mrs. Dr. Phil's tire tracks or where the neighbor spent time plowing our driveway by the time I got home. The other neighbor brought his John Deere with the downloader attachment four hours later.

This after two days and a morning of clear, dry roads.

No wonder there was a 40 car pileup of idiots on I-94... going too fast into whiteout and a jackknifed semi or two or four.

Anyway, I'll make a driving decision at 7am. I have good confidence in my abilities, not so much of my fellow drivers.

Dr. Phil

PS -- currently 19°F. Will be 40s and 1-1½" of rain on Thursday, freezing it all up on Friday. Gre-eat.

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