They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

My It's Blustery Outside

Also, remarkably dry for The Big Melt from the last few days.

And remarkably sunny, despite the advisories.

Also, my office is warm and comfortable, despite the wind howling around the corner of the building outside my window and the stairwell door opening and closing with the gusts. Thanks to my department chair who passed on my complaint that with blood thinners, I couldn't stand the 62-66°F thermostat range. Now it's 73-76°F and my hands don't hurt. I do hope that once I get off those meds, that next winter won't feel so cold no matter the temperature.

With the 40 mph winds out of the west, snow blew across the roads from the fields this morning, glazing them. Everybody behaved, except for one NASCAR slalom specialist on M-45, and speeds were kept down. I drove most of the way in 4WD and 50-65 mph, moving out of the right lane at times where the glazing got worse on the west side. Campus sidewalks and parking lots mostly dry -- should be no problem next week as the hammer drops us back to 0-10°F.

I think last weekend's granularized diamonds in the snow banks made for good drainage over this week and concerted efforts were made to unplug storm drains. We may survive.

Today was the first day I put on the heavy blue parka from Blazer to Everett Tower. Twice this semester I regretted using my regular winter coat in the wind -- the regular coat is longer but the blue parka has a serious insulated hood. Naturally my Tilley winter hat blew off before I could get the hood up. (grin)

I was worried about ice and flooding for today's drive. Now I'm glad I Skyped my lecture on Thursday and came in today to do some friction problems on the board.

Software installs on LARA this weekend -- an HP Mini 1000 running XP I am taking to work, as WINTER has gotten old and unstable. I'm talking about a laptop, but it could be a metaphor for West Michigan...

Dr. Phil

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