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I believe I already reported that nearby Hope College in Holland MI won the NCAA Division III Women's Basketball Championship. Well, here in Allendale MI, Grand Valley State University just took the NCAA Division II Women's Basketball Championship.

I've taught Physics at both institutions, so it's more that just West Michigan pride.

Hoop Dreams

And I have to say I was harboring dreams of a Michigan sweep. I had Michigan State University winning the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championship. Alas, last I looked, #1 Duke was crushing #4 MSU by 20-30 points this afternoon. Don't think they could avoid that... And they didn't -- lost 86-61. Twenty-five points.

Even so, both NCAA Division I tourneys have been great fun. And on the Men's side, the train wrecks of the #1 seeds continues. U Conn? Exit stage right... next victim of the George Mason juggernaut. Sure it blows my brackets, but I love the uncertainty of March Madness.

Dr. Phil

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