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Did not see this coming.

All week it's looked like Thursday 27 February 2014 would be bitter cold, maybe some snow, but all right. Last class before Spirit Day -- the most wonderful holiday at Western Michigan University. Used to be the day before Homecoming, but in order to balance holidays between Fall and Spring semesters, they moved Spirit Day to the Friday before Spring Break. Yup, that's right WMU celebrates its school spirit... by leaving.

So the latest polar vortex incursion down deep into North America created blizzard conditions through a lot of areas. And though there was only 2-4" of snow forecast, the 40mph+ winds have been creating whiteout conditions and ice covered roads from last night through 3pm today. The news last night suggested open roads would be 10-20mph speeds. At that rate, it could take up to seven hours for me to get to Kalamazoo.

So I began making plans for punting.

By morning the snow was horizontal and the number of slideoffs put the wait for a tow truck at over two hours. Speeds were around 35-40mph, so that would be three hours plus. I might make it to my 10am class by 10:30.

Which brings us to Exam 2 today.

The exams were copied yesterday. And our lab manager, who has been helping me with my Skype lectures, set up the laptop so I could make announcements, and answer any questions.

But it was surreal enough that I grabbed the Kindle Fire HD and took a picture of KATNISS, the Asus Windows 7 netbook I use for Skyping, and my students.

The Kindle Fire HD's camera is forward facing, so you have to do a few contortions to make pictures, but it is interesting. Naturally during the exam, the sun made a brief appearance, but that doesn't change the driving conditions. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Compare that to Exam 1...

I had the Kindle at Exam 1, it seems. Found this picture when I attached today's picture. Live and remote -- looks the same, amazingly enough. And yes, I bring my students exam cookies. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

So, yet another Skype-in-the-classroom triumph. 84 showed up. Originally had 96, but have lost a few after Exam 1 and there were three or more expected to be missing for various, so all good.

Oh, and... Dang. Exam 2's cookies are still in the back of the Blazer. Mayebe we'll have cookies when we get back from Spring Break.

Dr. Phil

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