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Finally one of my local post offices, Drake Street in Kalamazoo -- open til 7pm, has the new $4.05 Priority Mail stamps. And it's shiny and beautiful: Black background, with computer generated false-color temperature simulation of an X-15.


The new rates have been in effect for months -- and I'd been putting them on return envelopes even longer -- but I had to use the old $3.85 stamp plus two 10-centers. First time out, the Allendale Post Office was finishing up 10-cent lick 'em stamps. Good lord, what are those? (grin) Then the $3.85 stamps began to disappear.

Just In Time Delivery

Now I'll be able to send this quarter's Writers of the Future entry on Friday. (double-grin)

Dr. Phil

(updated with pic 3-29-2006)
Tags: aircraft, priority mail, stamps, technology, usps
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