They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

The Spring And Break Of It

Yesterday was so very beautiful. Crisp and in the 20s in the morning, ultimately one of our thermometers late in the day made it up to 48°F. Gas, of course, jumped from $3.60.9/gal to $3.79.9/gal. No doubt because OMG PUTIN IS HITLER AND IT'S WW II ALL OVER AGAIN SO WE HAVE TO RAISE THE PRICE ON ALREADY REFINED GASOLINE RIGHT NOW. Ahem.

Not sure it dropped below freezing last night. Today it's 35°F late in the afternoon -- the melt continues on at a civilized pace. Even on the back roads, the pavement is mainly dry, with only an occasional dribble of water. Just now the driveway's mat was squishy and there was water in the tread marks as the Bravada had made its way -- I had been on a run of my own in the Blazer and to both our surprise we got home at the same time. There are traces of a back yard.

Of course being on break all week makes you kind of crazy. I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday and so tomorrow would be class, but that's off by a day.

Thursday and Friday the birds were all atwitter, even on the morning when it was still 10°F. The Spring bird migrations must be all confused between 2013 and 2014. It'll be some time before any plants get uncovered and we're not out of the woods with respect to winter. But the daylight hours have gotten longer, though that's about to get fucked over by DST2007.


It's been mostly a pleasant week. Lot's of little projects done, not much writing. But I'll take it.

Dr. Phil

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