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In the category of things that needed to be done but I didn't know would be this week -- electronic paperwork for some of the 2014 conferences.

Friday was the deadline for nominations for Detcon 1's groundbreaking-take-that-Hugos YA fiction awards. My reading of 2013 titles was limited last year, but it occurred to me that Allegiant, which I had just reviewed, was a 2013 imprint date. So last evening I trotted onto the Detcon 1 website.

To make a nomination you need to be registered and have a PIN. I requested a PIN and was told one had been sent to me. Okay. I remember getting an email about the YA award, but since I already knew about it, I probably tossed it. No problem, click on Recover PIN. But I never got an email with the PIN. In case it was a weirdness with the Silk browser on the Kindle Fire HD, I switched to SUMMER and Firefox 25.0.1 under XP Pro SP2. Same thing.

Finally sent an email to the web manager. This morning I got nice emails from several people apologizing for the error and promising that they'd printed a paper ballot for me and recorded my nomination.

Also from Detcon 1 were emails about music programming -- strange until I realized I had probably talked about movie soundtracks and writing music -- and invited to regular programming panels. Hopefully I'll do enough panels AND sufficient of you come to Detroit in July that I can make my reimbursement. (grin) My income for 2013 took a big hit with that whole hospital thing.

You can still register for Detcon 1, get hotel rooms and get on panels, if you haven't been moved to do so yet.

But before Detcon 1, there's WisCon 38 in Madison WI the end of May. Their deadlines for volunteering for panels and request a reading are, I believe, 17 and 16 March 2014 respectively.

As usual, WisCon is very organised. They've lots of panels described and there are radio buttons for level of interest to be on the panel and check boxes if you want to moderate or just attend the panel. The latter is so WisCon can judge interest and try to reduce scheduling conflicts.

Frankly I can pretty much attend any session, but managed to nurture my enthusiasm to a reasonable number of choices. Much like the Iron Chef Flash Fiction at Chicon 7 in 2012, they have a panel with suggestions for a plot to come up with in ninety seconds -- sounds like fun. After all, I lost only to 2013 Campbell tiara winner Mur Lafferty. (double-grin) Maybe I can get on that one.

Readings are batched with multiple authors in 75 minute blocks. Introductions and four readings, budgeted at fifteen minutes each -- basically 10 minutes of actual reading. Short, but grouped readings are fun. And much more likely to get some audience.

Then there's WindyCon 41 Grimm Tales on 14-16 November 2014. Haven't decided about that one yet, but the most excellent Westin Lombard Yorktown Center hotel reservations are open -- $109/night and the best steakhouse I've been in. I might make a reservation and wait on registration. If I go and Mrs. Dr. Phil doesn't go, it's possible I might need a roommate to help get my AFO brace and shoes on, if nothing happens between now and November.

Anyway, up to lots of professional noodling around. Come join us.

Dr. Phil

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