They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

A Cold Cold Day

As I determined last night, the roads truly sucked this morning -- snow on top of rain made slushy, slidey conditions and I wanted no part of it. And the cold has evolved. Only a 99.6°F temp, but my nose is a dripping, running faucet and I am sneezing all the time. I can't really see myself driving if I can't see or hold the steering wheel. Plus I hurt all over.

So, Skyped today and in all likelihood Skype tomorrow. You know, I almost never call in sick. Maybe half a dozen times in 22 years. I suppose if I'd been hospitalized a month earlier last year, I would have gotten better faster and maybe not had the setbacks I did. But I bulled through my classes, finals and grades before I let myself go to the doctor. The temps are dropping below zero tonight -- I am staying home. I have to consider myself a little more fragile than before, while I still work on recovering -- you don't just walk out of the hospital after what I went through.

Oh, and the cardiologist's office called this morning. The results from my monitoring last week were perfectly normal. As I predicted.

Mrs. Dr. Phil worked from home this morning, which turned out to be a minor issue because it was cutting into the DSL bandwidth for my Skype class.

And then there was updating the class webpages. All week it's been problematic. Sunday night I couldn't post midterm grades, had to do it at 6:55am on Monday. Today it took 11 hours to update.

The FTP program connects, but never delivers the directory or accepts transfers. This is true with both WS_FTP and the Microsoft command line FTP. The FTP programs work, because I've been able to update the mirror site I maintain at . Bunches of messages with the Help Desk. They finally said that they've seen this when the quotas weren't right. That sounds promising, as I've been adding those bulky MP3 lectures on days I Skype. But I had a quota of like 350MB and only used 125MB. Still, I finally upped the quota by about 200MB -- I had half a gig unallocated -- and eventually got updated. Something isn't doing its sums correctly, I wonder.

The winter storm warning for Kalamazoo had been extended to 3pm. This is Winter Storm Vulcan, I believe -- they're running out of the alphabet. Here things turned sunny and blue sky by noon.

Tuesday I was in the office and did get 9 of 10 or so people to come in and make up the Exam 2 they missed before break. I need to grade them, but my head hurts too much to do detail work like that.

Oh, and in the online staff newsletter they said that one should not call them breaks. It's recess. Spring Recess. To which I say Ph-hhhhbt! Who the hell calls it Spring Recess? Recess is what grade school kids do to run around the playground. It's Spring Break, pure and simple. Even if it's the end of February, start of March. All this in a semester which they renamed from Winter to Spring. Hence why I don't take this latest pronouncement seriously. Sounds to me like another middle manager trying to justify their existence. Sorry.

And for the record, I have had to put the Kindle down more than ten times just during this post to blow my nose. Yup. I hab a code in my nobe.

Dr. Phil

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