They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Broncos To Dance

Oh, and congratulations, Broncos!

"Western Michigan basketball team earns NCAA Tournament bid with 98-77 win over Toledo in MAC championship game."

Today is the day when the brackets begin for March Madness, though March is half over and the tourney goes into April, also known as The Big Dance, though the game is men's college basketball.

I don't have any players in my PHYS-1070 class this semester, but I did get an email this morning from a member of the WMU Dance Team who has been selected by the university to accompany the team. That's pretty cool.

Do I foolishly believe that Western will run the table, seedings yet unseen? No. Not realistically. I do hope they make it through their first round of play -- I would be delighted to see them play in the second weekend. And there's a little voice in the back of my head who would be ecstatic in Western winning the championship. Oh come on, that would so totally destroy everybody's brackets. So much so, that the one guy who picks the whole bracket successfully would DESERVE Warren Buffet's billion dollar prize.

Anyway, the selection shows begin in less that three hours. Right now there's hope and fear, as the usual suspects hope for a high seed and a number of teams are on the worry line, hoping for a tough chance to dance with the lightning. And a few of the usual suspects will grumble about getting an NIT bid.

I love the one-and-done format. The chaos of multiple simultaneous games -- and with the women's NCAA, simultaneous tournaments -- unforgettable gutsy performances which are quickly forgotten by the next extraordinary play.

And another thing.

It's a sign of Spring. Of Easter. Of annual renewal. For many years when we were in the U.P., we joined Mrs. Dr. Phil's father-side family and invaded family friends for Easter weekend. Gene supervised the television watching of the tournament on the one CBS channel they could get. Good times. Fond memories. Wonderful people.

It won't be this year, but we've got to go back for another Easter of friends, family and basketball. (grin)

Meanwhile, we'll have the whole thundering herd of 64 teams in 32 games come Thursday and Friday. Let the play-in games and the weeding commence.

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: First Game, SOUTH REGIONAL, Buffalo NY, Thursday Mar. 20, Time TBA
3 Syracuse (27-5)
14 Western Mich (23-9)

UPDATE 2: Game time 2:45pm EDT.

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