They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Yahoo! You Suck At Computers, Don't You?

So just for amusement value, I thought I'd sign up for Warren Buffet's Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge. Or so I thought.

Name. Address. Do you own your home? What is your interest rate? Okay, the contest is through Quicken Loans and I don't check the Request Quicken Spam boxes. Do you really want to register? Sure. Prove you're a human. Okay. Sign in with Username and Password.

This is where the system started to derail. On the Kindle, it wasn't clear at first that you had to login with your Yahoo! account. Now I haven't used my Yahoo! account in a couple of years, so I had to go to another computer to get that info.

Login. Needs a security code. Okay, it's been some time, so email me the code. Copy. Paste.

And now I'm dumped into the tablet version of Yahoo's homepage. Nothing anywhere about the contest. I had to use Yahoo! to find the page, click on the contest and... login again.

Repeat several times with variations.

Change to more usable desktop version. Find the complaint forms.

Again, not clear that the line I was given was for a title to a suggestion. With an unknown character limit. I got as far as:
Your Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge is safe. I tried to sign up. Found it was run on Yahoo. Had to dig up my account name and password. No

Oh NOW there's a text box:
Make your login and Challenge registration actually work. Login. Get security code number. Verify you're human. Login prompt again. Endless cycle.

Dr. Phil

Hint to Yahoo! if you're using Google alerts (snort) -- your complaint/suggestion forum is filled with people pissed at your last upgrade. Maybe you should consider your users. I quit using Yahoo! because you destroyed how our 2004 Clarion Yahoo Group worked.

I never left my suggestion.

I had entered my email... And THEN it wants Your Name. Is that my name or my account name? And I have to click and agree to the terms of service? For a complaint?

This was the most ridiculous and laughable security theatre coupled with a useless product.

Your programmers are idiots. I'd say fire them, but you'd probably have trouble replacing them as the good programmers asked, "Yahoo is still around?"


Oh, and Warren Buffet? Your people are driving away people from your business. It makes you look bad. I will skip ever thinking of using Quicken products. Happy now?

Your billion is safe.

Dr. Phil

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