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er... 98... 97...

So I'm watching the lead episode of The 100 on the CW. Even figured out that since the local CBS affiliate WWMT-3 owns CW-7, there's an HD version on channel 3.2 . Even after I figured it would probably be bad. We've seen this before, Earth 2, last year's Big Anticipated Save Everyone Back In Time With The Dinosaurs But I Can't Remember The Name show, etc. All of which bombed at the box office or were cancelled.

It's 97 years since a big nuclear war killed everyone on Earth. Above Earth, 12 international space stations put all of their eggs in one basket and kitbashed one really big chaotic space station. After age 18, all crimes are terminal. Below 18, all crimes are handled in prison. Then they kill them.

The 100 are that number of teens who are going to be dropped in a hundred year old square shuttle landing thing with tons of headroom. Yeah, we're not sending them with any warning, training, prep or supplies. Just a vague video during reentry telling them to find some apocalypse survival place on Mt. Weather that should have some supplies.

What could possibly go wrong?

Our hero, as in Uglies, Hunger Games and Divergent, is a girl. Can't remember her name, one of the guys hitting on her calls her princess. She dreams of Earth -- hey have we got a Dream Prize Package for you! -- and is tough, in command and determined to fulfill the mission and live. Her crime was that her father had determined life support was failing and the station has only months to live. Not to worry, the weasel second-in-command is determined to kill everyone down to Adam and Eve. Guess who gets to be Adam, and, I'm sure, pick Eve. Though I bet his guard thug lackeys won't be thrilled at some point. Anyway, kill the dad. Try to kill the mom, a major trauma surgeon or doctor or something valuable, so of course we want to kill her for trying to save the life of guy-in-charge. Yeah, sucks to be the #2 weasel and get caught at it. Don't worry, he's not dead yet, so he's still around to be trouble.

Three kids are idiots on the way to the surface. Two don't make it. The kid who instigated the idiocy lives. Of course. I think we need a screen counter, like the President's white board in Battlestar Galactica.

Oh look, they're in some SyFy Sharkanaconda movie. Oh look, they're on Pandora with bioluminencent flowers and butterflies. Oh look, they're on a radiation savaged planet with two headed deer with open wounds. Oh look, they're in an old Star Trek episode with giant shaggy bipeds with huge spears.

If they are SO worried about consumables on the space station, why do they have such a huge cargo airlock for executions?

They have no food, so most of the teens have a bonfire and a party. Without anything to party with. Meanwhile Princess & The Scooby Gang are hiking to Mt. Weather -- yeah they landed 20 miles off target. The Other Girl should've died, but she's got cleavage to die for, so no. Just a scratch. Not quite dead yet.

Will I watch it again? Dunno. There's a few good things. But the Don't Go In The Basement quotient is high. Anybody know how many episodes they ordered?

Dr. Phil

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