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The Mads of March Begin

So after two days of the "First Four" play-in games, we finally got to Thursday and the first REAL round of March Madness. 64 teams, 2 days, 32 games, 32 left for the weekend. It's a lot of basketball. And a lot of determined players in the one-and-done tournament format.

Alas, the #14 Western Michigan University Broncos did NOT go on to beat #3 Syracuse in Buffalo on Thursday afternoon. Couldn't find a radio station I could pick up during the drive from WMU to Allendale for PT, so missed most of the game. They had it on in the background at the Physics Therapy office. Already down by like 20 at the half, the final score was, I believe, 77-53. Still, WMU did win the MAC conference, they did go to the Big Dance for the first time in ten years, and they did finish with a solid 23-10 record.

The other two teams from the Lower Peninsula, Michigan State and Michigan, both won their games. Also defending the Big 10 was Wisconsin. In a huge surprise, Ohio State LOST. Ha! There go all those billion dollar brackets!

The NC State Wolfpack had to come in via a play-in game -- and then lost in the Real First Round. St. Louis was losing by like twelve, came back and won their game. Harvard beat Cincy. Harvard? They play basketball? They're a hockey team! (And I think I said the same thing about Harvard in the First Real Round last year, too.) (grin)

A number of good OT games, including the very last one of the night, ending a bit after 1am EDT.

They're already playing this afternoon -- I'll try to sort out some of this and actually bother to look at the brackets at some point. It's always a blur as soon as you turn away from a game. Two of the four networks, CBS and TBS, are amongst our couple of HD channels, 3.1 and 76.1 respectively. The NCAAs sure look nice in HD. I'm sure everyone in the country, who all have bigger TVs than we do, is enjoying their big screen HD coverage, too.

Never was able to register for the Billion Dollar challenge on Yahoo!, despite Yahoo! sending me a whole string of emails saying I was almost done registering and click this link -- which once again just took me to the Yahoo! home page and clicking on the challenge just got me a login prompt, which after logging in, took me to the Yahoo! home page... Asshole programmers.

I should sue them for a billion dollars -- and settle for a couple of million. Isn't that the American way?

Dr. Phil

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