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I Saw This Coming

Last week there was a report on the radio that someones analysis predicted gasoline would be back up to $3 a gallon this summer. I told my class about this and mentioned (a) that this would now give them "permission" to jump to $3 a gallon and (b) actually they'd probably jump to $3 a gallon now and go to $4 a gallon this summer...

Can I Call It Or What?

Tuesday night I was out late, driving my visiting mother-in-law back to her motel after she and Mrs. Dr. Phil had gone out to a Quilt Guild meeting, and noticed a 30 cent a gallon difference between gas station prices between Allendale and Holland MI. During the week gas jumped to $2.60, $2.70 and now $2.80 a gallon for Regular. Which makes it about $3.00 a gallon for Premium.

Why wait for summer? After all, right now there's a glut of gasoline in the distribution system, so according to market forces... of course you raise the price.


Dr. Phil

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