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Heading Down To 16

Duke men, out. Duke women, won their 1st round game. And here on Monday evening, Duke is now doubly out. #2 Duke lost to #7 DePaul -- the Blue Devils versus the Blue Demons -- on the Duke Coach K Court. DePaul had a 19-point lead in their 1st round game, eventually winning 104-100. 204 points in a women's game, both teams with a century. Just a few years ago, critics were trying to suggest that the Women's NCAA wasn't very good because the scores were too low. Then it was because you'd see 100+ games with lopsided wins by the like of UConn, "proving" that there weren't 48 tournament worthy women's teams, let alone 64.

Yeah right.

On Sunday we saw M #10 Stanford 60 #2 Kansas 57 -- the Cardinal dumped the Jayhawks with the Tree, what a great mascot, shaking excitedly in the stands. W #12 Hampton 61 #5 MSU 91 -- so Michigan State advancing in both tourneys. W #7 LSU over #10 Ga Tech. M #8 Kentucky 78 #1 Wichita State 76 -- undefeated Wichita State, last year's Cinderella darling and first ever 35-0 team, out in the Real Second Round with a 35-1 season. M UNC 83 Iowa State 85. Not a good year for North Carolina.

Gotta love the March Madness.

Elsewhere, Sunday also saw our first televised Cubs game. Spring training game against a split squad from Oakland. Last time we'll see Oakland in Phoenix Stadium. Cubs got a new Arizona facility -- A's will get the old Cub's Ho-Ho-Kam Stadium next year. Cubs were losing 2-0 in the 1st inning, leading 7-2 in the 7th. Baseball... I'd say I can't wait for Opening Day, but there's been actual MLB games played in Australia already.

More anon.

Dr. Phil

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