They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

16 to 12 to 8

Ah, March Madness continues, with the Real Third Round pairings of the Sweet 16 down to the Elite 8 -- men on Thursday and Friday, women on Saturday and Sunday.

One of the games last night was Dayton vs Stanford. Shame, because I like both teams. I probably wanted the Stanford Cardinal to win more -- but then I can't root for any teams. However, I am not displeased that the Dayton Flyers, the lesser ranked seed, won and is still in the tournament. Especially as the University of Dayton is one of the schools that apparently The Ohio State University -- yes there is the "The" in their name *** -- doesn't feel is worthy enough to play in the regular season. Oh irony, you toughest of all metallic metaphors, guess which team went out of the tournament in their first game and which is still in the tournament after three games. (grin)

Wisconsin is the first Big Ten team to clear into the Elite 8. Michigan State and Michigan both play later today. Last year I had Wisconsin and Georgetown in the Final -- my bracket was busted by both teams getting bounced very early -- so Wisconsin owes me a better performance this year. The announcers were saying that either one of the possible opponents for Wisconsin are in for a rough game, since both of them play more like Baylor, who couldn't score against the Badgers. I love that we have a team from the frozen Midwest playing a team from Texas... in Anaheim, California. For perversity's sake, I'm still angling for Michigan State over Michigan in the championship game.

Anybody but Florida...

Dr. Phil

*** While there may be more, especially unofficially, I know of two universities that officially have "The" as part of their name -- The Ohio State University and The University of Chicago. Funny how I think it's pretentious bullshit on OSU's part and some of the old Oxfordian charm of UofC's part. Hey, I'm human. I can have irrational prejudices on things that actually don't matter. (Academically, I have nothing against Ohio State, an otherwise fine school.) (And The University of Chicago is the Northwestern of the South Side of Chicago.) (evil-grin)

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