They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me


Ah, State of Michigan, you are a big disappointment. Western Michigan University out in the First Real Round. Michigan and Michigan State both out in the Real Fourth Round. Of course Saturday night they had been going on about the possibility of three teams from one conference -- the Big Ten -- in the Final Four. It's happened before -- but not this year.

Of course I was hoping for Michigan-Michigan State in the championship. Busted. As usual.


#1 Florida plays #7 UConn and #2 Wisconsin plays #8 Kentucky on Saturday. None of the double-digit seeds made it to the last weekend.

It's not as if the Michigan teams gave up. MSU started out unable to score, but lead for a while, but not when it counted.

What fun. More anon with the women. I think the Lady Cardinal of Stanford got through today. The Last Tigers of LSU did not.

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: Meanwhile the Battle of the Carolinas in the Women's Sweet 16... #4 N.Carolina-65 #1 S.Carolina-58. Hmm... UNC is the Tar Heels, so we get the Lady Tar Heels -- at least by the old convention. I believe USC is the Gamecocks. So... do we get the Lady Gamecocks? The Lady Cocks? The Gamehens? And have they changed it in more modern times? I wonder.

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