They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

So That Was Spring -- That Was Nice

Saturday was nice enough. I believe it was in the forties, but truth be told we spent nearly the whole day at a friend's house playing games and celebrating a birthday. Mrs. Dr. Phil did comment on the way home at 11pm that the stars were out and she could see Orion.

Sunday was sunny and bright blue sky for much of the day. Temp got up to 50°F at our house. If I had had time, I should have gone out for some pictures, but after playing on Saturday, I had work I had to do on Sunday, so no photography for me.

Monday is also sunny and bright blue sky. For the first time this semester, I left my coat in the Blazer and came in with just a sweater on -- no breeze, so the cool was comfortable. Supposed to get up to 61°F today, which is the definition of a nice spring day. Hence no need for the coat, just the sweater, when I leave this afternoon.

March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb?

Ah, but then there's the first week of April... current forecast over the next nine days after today? Highs around 45°F every day. Rain. Freezing rain. Snow.

Yup. January sucked. February sucked. March sucked. And April... is gonna suck.

Oh, and gas this morning as I drove by in Allendale? Up to $3.83.9/gal. Not sure if that's because Michigan State is out of the NCAA or Russia still hasn't left Crimea or the gay marriage ban. What? You thought gas prices would go up for a reason? Okay -- BP leaked a bunch of oil sands fracked crude into Lake Michigan to celebrate Exxon's ruining of Prince William Sound in Alaska 25 years ago. Does that count?

Dr. Phil

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