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And Another Series Bites the Dust

This has been a bad year for SF. Star Trek: Enterprise not only ended, but there isn't even another Trek venture on the horizon. Star Wars has ended... mostly. That is the Second Trilogy is out and the circle is closed from Episode I to Episode VI. And Andromeda has just finished a season of confusion with a confusing Final Two-Parter -- now I've seen the end again and it was billed as a Series Finale. OK, that's another Roddenberry series dead.

You don't suppose Majel Roddenberry has another Gene script lying in escrow to turn into another SF series? Or do you suppose she's been at this long enough she could take her own turn at one?

Going back into the last year or two, we have the unexpected abandonment of Farscape by SciFiChannel, the unfortunate end of the Matrix and Blade trilogies.

Do any of the networks even plan on having any SF this fall? (And no, I'm not counting any of the medium/talking to the dead shows which are the latest rage/outrage for TV.)

Pre-Meditated Death Is The New Black

I am so tired of ads for TV shows which tell us... "Don't Miss The Season Finale of NCIS, The Best Navy Show on TV Now That We've Axed JAG, And One of These People Isn't Going to Make It Out of This."


There. I feel much better.

Or Jumps The Shark

I have two words to say: "dirty bombs".

They're showing up everywhere. NUMB3RS the other week, CSI:Miami last night. Why don't we just show everyone how to make one?

Thank Goodness for Cable

All last week, and on Mondays, BRAVO channel does West Wing marathons. When things get bad or there is "nothing" on, it is pleasing to sit and listen to a show, no matter your political leanings, where there is dialogue. Real writing.

Of course it would help if BRAVO was in our newspapers TV listings chart... but No-ooo!

Last night one of the episodes they showed was "Twenty Five", where President Bartlett steps aside for the Republican Speaker of the House, after his youngest daughter has been kidnapped. I first heard Emma Thompson say it -- that it is harder to do comedy than drama, which is why you sometimes see some fine dramatic roles done by people you would ordinarily label as comedic actors. She started out doing silly British things. And John Goodman came in as the Speaker of the House and left as Acting President and gave it all the due which such a serious and solemn undertaking would entail in real life. What a fine episode.

You'd Think They'd Show Their Own Damned Team

Around 1985 or 86, Life changed for us. We were living in Michigan's Upper Penisula (the U.P.) and I was doing grad school at Michigan Tech. Then came a notice in the paper and I told my wife -- we're buying a VCR and a color TV. Up until then we contented ourselves with non-remote controlled B&W. But then our cable company was slated to expand channels and add WGN from Chicago. That meant one thing to us that February: CUBS BROADCASTS.

We needed the VCR in order to timeshift all those daytime games at Wrigley Field -- plus those late night jobs out west. And as long as we were getting a VCR, we might as well get a color TV. Being a geek, I wanted a Trinitron. Being cheap, we bought a 13" Trinitron (grin). Hey, it was a small living room at the time.

How times have changed. WGN, which owns the damned Cubbies, hardly shows any of the games. And some of the baseball games they do show are the Chicago White Sox. Boo! What were they thinking?

And then they let Steve Stone go. And Chip Carey. (Technical explanation for the unworthy: the TV broadcast team for the last several years -- the Voices of the Cubs on WGN-TV.) Grr/snarl. They are making it so much harder to be a Cubs fan these days.

One Saving Grace

It may be a 3+ hour drive to Chicago, but at least we have Lake Michigan across the way and so WGN-AM720 can be picked up around here. And after retiring the Number 10 of "This Old Cub", at least they are unlikely to can Ron Santo from the radio booth and cause the Wrigley faithful to bring pitchforks and burning torches and battering rams against the ramparts of Tribune Tower.

Why We Love The Cubs So...

Over this last weekend, a fine tradition of exhibition games which have been turned into real games which count, brought the Cubs and Sox together at Wrigley Field. The Cubs took the last game. At least.

But at one point, and I don't remember whether it was Saturday or Sunday, a White Sox batter hit a home run out onto the street over the left field bleachers. And in fine Chicago Cubs tradition, the kids on the street with the gloves, waiting to dash for any ball which sails out of the stadium, one of these brave urchins, nabs the enemy home run ball and immediately makes a heroic throw back onto the field -- and makes it clear to second base!

You don't keep enemy home run balls at Wrigley Field. You chuck them back to show your contempt for the other team.

Especially, as Frank DeFord referred to them on NPR last week, if the ball comes from "The Pale Hose."

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