They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me


Home opener for West Michigan Whitecaps of the Single-A Midwest League, against the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

And the home team won.

It would always be news here in West Michigan, but with the fire that destroyed part of the stadium on the first base side during the winter, it's good that they're open and they have facilities and they have a home win.

And being minor league, they got the food.

This year's debut was the Auger Dogger. A long hot dog wrapped in a spiral cut potato and deep fried. Sort of a potato chip enshrined hot dog. On a stick.

I'm sure they have things to dip it in, though I've always like potato chips and ketchup. But it looks ungainly to eat -- and I'm a klutz.

Not to worry, if I make to one game this year, it's likely to be the Michigan Tech alumni outing. And we'll have burgers and stuff on the third base deck. And a lovely game. Who knows? I don't need an Auger Dogger.

Dr. Phil

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