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Reimagine One Of The World's Most Visible Icons

The BBC has an article on other designs for the British union jack (BBC website usage is to keep it lower case) from 1604. Plenty of rich history here, for a flag which actually has no official stature with the government of the U.K. Naturally the comments which follow are just as interesting as the article itself. It's only a jack when flown from the jack staff of a Royal Navy ship. Where is Wales represented on this flag? Ireland didn't exactly join the Union. Lots of scots refuse to fly it.

In my science fiction writing, I've a 29th century British colony on one planet and had to come up with a modification of the union jack to fit their feisty independence -- following the model of superimposing new attributes onto the existing flag. And now I find that I've done as "good" a job as they did originally. (grin) Believable world building is in the details, whether you include them in the stories or not. (double-grin)

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