They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

It's Going To Be A Long-Long Summer

Political ad, from the Republican Governors Association, against Mark Shauer. Showing very fake cartoon rain in front of an abandoned factory. Complaining about supporting the Stimulus.

Why he even supported a tax on bottled water!

Close up on older woman. "Who taxes water?"

Then that smug little face, "The Shauer's over," which says I Am A Republican And I Just Said Someting In Stupid Logic And I'm So Proud That Dumbasses Who Are Just Like Me Will Believe This Shit That Could Never Melt In My Mouth.

Who taxes water? Why anyone. More to the point, I believe she was referring to a tax on disposable bottles, because they are costing a great deal in waste. As opposed to Nicaragua, where when Mrs. Dr. Phil was there a couple of years ago, they were recycling every plastic container they could get their hands on.

But if they wanted to tax water... It's bottled water. It sure as hell isn't free. Have you priced bottled water lately? The vending machine outside my lecture hall charges $1.50 per 20 ounces. That's $9.60/gallon! Hell, gasoline, which we always complain about, is only up to $3.84.9/gallon.

Water, which can be 2½ as dear as gasoline.

It's a luxury item.

Why the hell can't it be taxed?

Oh wait. It's because we want to convince the masses that taxes, like welfare and public good, are evil things and we must leave those delicate flowers in the 1% alone or we (the 1%) will be unhappy.

Ticks me off.

And given recent Supreme Court rulings, this year will be even worse than 2012.


Have a nice day.

Dr. Phil

ADDENDUM: I am not anti-conservative or even anti-Republican. It's just that the conservatives and Republicans that I have known and those I have admired have allowed themselves to be pushed aside by people who revel in ignorance fueled by money from those who do not want what the rest think they want. And that smug smile... (shudder)

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