They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

I Shoulda Known Better

I've been doing two rounds of PT every week these days, with occasional days off for weather, etc. When I scheduled up April I kept my usual schedule, but gee whiz... I NEVER have this many students coming to office hours. It's almost 2pm and I JUST checked my work email for the first time today. Last day of class is tomorrow, final exam is Tuesday...

So I just called the PT place in Allendale and canceled today's appointment, Thursday 4/17, and also Monday 4/21 and the following Monday 4/28. To make it to Allendale by 4pm I have to start packing up by 2-2:30pm, and given the number of people to see today, plus some grading I am trying to get done for class tomorrow -- no, something has to give. Plus, I get wiped out by PT -- it's SUPPOSED to be grueling -- and I have things I have to grade tonight, too. The 28th is after classes and exams, but it's my last day in my office before grades are due the next day, and I will have to get materials from my grader by hook or by crook. I really don't want to leave early on that Monday, too. Plus I get "a little" stressed at grading time.

Students: If you call me at home on the morning of the 29th to ask what your grade is, I won't mean anything by it, but I will casually reach my hand through the phone line and rip your throat out. And then hang up on you. Just a warning.

This Monday, of course, I ran up to PT. But Tuesday I pulled out of Lot #61 at 4:55pm and yesterday I pulled out at 5:28pm. Who am I kidding that I can leave early on three of the next four PT scheduled days?

Besides, bonus: I should still be here around 4pm, if I pack up then I can swing by 1110 Rood, the smaller lecture hall, for the annual departmental awards. That would be nice. I don't always get to do that.

Dr. Phil

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