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The Hugo nominations are out. No, I am NOT on it [Bad editing or wishful thinking, take your pick] -- I had nothing published last year, but I did learn to stand up and walk, after a fashion, so I consider 2013 a win -- nor do I have a WorldCon membership so I can't vote.

But I am chuffed at some of the noms.

ESPECIALLY “Time” by Randall Munroe (XKCD) for Best Graphics Work. This is the monumental groundbreaking stick figure opus that entertained me for much of my hospital stay. And I have said before it DESERVES both a nom and a win. If you're a Hugo voter, please check out Time.

Though I haven't seen all of them, from the buzz, all five nominations for long form dramatic presentation are worthy:

-- Frozen -- screenplay by Jennifer Lee, directed by Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee (Walt Disney Studios)

-- Gravity -- written by Alfonso Cuarón & Jonás Cuarón, directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Esperanto Filmoj; Heyday Films; Warner Bros.)

-- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire -- screenplay by Simon Beaufoy & Michael Arndt, directed by Francis Lawrence (Color Force; Lionsgate)

-- Iron Man 3 -- screenplay by Drew Pearce & Shane Black, directed by Shane Black (Marvel Studios; DMG Entertainment; Paramount Pictures)

-- Pacific Rim -- screenplay by Travis Beacham & Guillermo del Toro, directed by Guillermo del Toro (Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney Double Dare You)

Finally, one of the best things I read last year is up for Best Novelette -- a tough category because novelettes are a tough sell -- “The Lady Astronaut of Mars” by Mary Robinette Kowal ( /, 09-2013).

Anyway. Really excited about Time. See:

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