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On Matters Of Taste and What We Like

I wrote this response to Jeanette Cheney's post on No accounting for tastes... and it ran on long enough I decided to duplicate it here and add it to the record.
Actually, there IS an accounting to taste, which is what award shows and network decisions are based on. What there's no accounting for is BAD taste. (grin) Which accounts for some award shows and network decisions on series. (double-grin)

Me? I remember the original Battlestar Galactica, but eventually felt betrayed by its producers making it a kids show and not for adults, as was promised in a big multipage TIME Magazine piece. Versus original Star Trek, which was clearly aimed at adults, but attracted kids because it was smart and different.

However, I caught a bunch of reruns one of the summers I wasn't working, and was impressed that there was still meat on the bones even quite late in the series. I had a similar falling out with Babylon 5, only to catch up with it in Season 2 and realizing that there was some complicated LONG baseline story arcs going on.

Now I happen to like the new Battlestar Galactica, up to its sorry two-part ending, but then I write and enjoy military science fiction -- and there's a lot of setup which clearly involves some thinking about military behavior and military systems and tactics. The Colonial Fleet is one helluva better military organization than Star Fleet has ever been. (grin) Star Trek: Enterprise was the only show that made an attempt at a proper military hierarchy -- and as a prequel series it didn't fare well with fans or critics, so we don't necessarily need accuracy in our SF to love it. (double-grin)

I should like Person of Interest, or even The Red John Show -- whatever it's called -- but though I can watch individual episodes, I am not invested in it. I should be a huge fan of Castle, but it always seems to be in conflict with something else, though we have picked up a lot of episodes during marathons. There is no way that NCIS or NCIS Lite (NCIS: Los Angeles) are realistic, but both have stellar ensemble casts and chemistry and snappy dialogue. Likewise Criminal Minds and CSI. We liked Andromeda, even though it has many aspects of Bad Gene Roddenberry Show, as we did Earth: Final Conflict. Hell, we stayed with Earth 2 longer than we should have. The 100? We watched the pilot and then abandoned the whiny teenagers and stupid adults to die in any number of ways that were their own faults.

Right now we're working our way through Dexter -- Season 1 had played on CBS the year of the big writer's strike, though obviously edited for commercial distribution -- and this summer's reading is George RR Martin, because we're too cheap to pay for HBO.

So tastes and people are both individual and fickle. Don't ever worry that your tastes don't mesh with other people. You -- are not other people. And thank goodness for that!
Of course, we end up watching a lot of the cooking competition shows, where taste, at least in terms of the food, is what ultimately matters. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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