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Signs of Spring

We Got Wormsign!

Spring rains bring worms on the sidewalk.

Also noisy peepers in the drainage ditches -- ah, how romantic our civilization is! And flies, mosquitoes, and many many conversations between red-winged blackbirds.

Cowlets and Bullets

Though development on 84th Avenue continues, they haven't plowed up all the fields yet. So the cows are having their calves. And for many weeks we'll watch the miracle of life play out, cow-style. Already there are a few gangs of calves standing around, surrounded by the moms. Later the mom cows won't care so much, and the gangs of teenaged calves will be standing off by themselves, smoking their cigarettes and talking trash.

And Black Smoke

Yesterday as I headed on West Main out of Kalamazoo, I could see thick coils of black smoke ahead. A lot of smoke. Now I could've bailed at Drake, but I was curious. Car fire in a parking lot? One of the fast food joints on the south side cooking in its own grease? Yet traffic wasn't backing up.

Further on I saw the emergency vehicles in the far lane in the other direction. I bailed into the mall, and rolled the windows up as I drove through the cloud. When I got back to West Main, I was fairly close to the scene: a Kalamazoo Metro bus was burning up. Engine is located in the rear and there was a black hole burned through the sheet metal. Yikes!

I suppose I could've pulled out the camera and taken a shot. No one was behind me. But I decided not to be a voyeur.

It's Spring

The kitties are messing with everything tonight.

Dr. Phil

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