They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Spamalot. Spamalot. I Know It Sounds A Bit Bizarre

Gmail is pretty good at ferretting out spam, as opposed to the university's email system which has been known to flag important things like writing contracts and let in obvious crap like notifications from the university email system requesting password confirmation (right) or Viagra deals sent by... me.

This one amused me:

Our courier couldnt make the delivery of parcel to you at 20th April 2014.
Print label and show it in the nearest post office.
Print a Shipping Label NOW
USPS | Copyright 2014 USPS. All Rights Reserved.

BBC Latest News:

Eight arguments about whether the UK is a Christian country
8 arguments for and against the UK as a Christian country

Calls to protect 'Banksy' artwork
Fans of a suspected Banksy artwork in Cheltenham start raising money to try to protect it.

FDA rejects call to ban BPA from food packaging
The FDA has rejected a petition from environmentalists that would have banned BPA from all food and drink packaging.

Quick Reply
To: Postal Service <item_45 @
I included the return email, since it so obviously is NOT from the United States Postal Service.

And why the hell would USPS (1) put the latest news in a footer that's (2) from the BBC? (grin)

I keep saying -- we need a better class of spammers, because these guys are bush league D students at best. How many grammar mistakes can you see? (evil-grin)

Dr. Phil
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