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It's 2:30pm and I've finished lunch. The sky is dark and there's deep rumblings from the heavens -- the storm approaches.

Yes, Final Grades are done, registrared and posted to the class webpage.

I did things a little differently this morning. Since the Registrar's grading system doesn't lock until noon, I entered my grades at 8:30 and then did all my other checks and stray papers -- confirming that they had indeed been entered. No problems.

Oh, I did have to fix one grade when I did my check after input. Twenty years ago we used bubble forms. The grades spread out: A BA B BC C DC D E X I. When the first went online, they used radio buttons in the same way. Oh, but they had to improve things. So for most of ten years, I don't remember when they changed things, they use individual pull down menus for each student. And here's where it gets dumb. The menu goes:


Notice that they put BA after B, even though it's the half-grade between A and B. Now I am an optimist, so in my grading scheme I use A AB B BC C CD E X I -- if they used MY system, they'd be in proper descending order. Anyway, you really have to check what's recorded after you input and save changes, because entering 90+ grades using little mouse pulldowns sometimes the mouse moves just a tad and gives you something else.

I had one case where it recorded a D instead of a BC, err... I mean a CB. That's a 1½ grade level mistake from a fraction of a millimeter mouse movement and not just half a grade. And depending on that student's major, getting a grade below a C, especially if you weren't expecting it, would be devastating. So we check and double-check.

"Nuke them from orbit, it's the only way to be sure."

Then it was time to clean up the class webpages, sort the grade breakdowns by PID number -- a 5-digit number each student comes up with -- and post them online, along with my summer office hours. All year the WMU FTP site has been pissy with me, hanging and not displaying the directory let alone allowing uploads... until after a few hours it does. It's one of the reasons I maintain a mirror site on my own website. Everything is up to date, except for one typo which I haven't been able to fix just yet. (grin) The OCD in me, knowing the error is lurking on the web and I can't fix it yet, it twitches, IT BURNS, my precious...

Anyway, mostly pleased with the final results. I'm sure individual students will have complaints, but most of the time, things are fixed in stone.


Dr. Phil

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