They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Whither, LJ?

The death of LiveJournal has been the subject of discussion for years. The death of blogging by Facebook, Twitter,, has been the subject of discussion... for years.

Kids these days, they say, can't write anymore. Long form communication is dead. The Internet is just pictures of cats and What I Ate Today.

Except... some of the most prolific bloggers I know are also prolific on Twitter and/or Facebook and crosspost. These prolific types also are not on, or no longer on LJ -- most use WordPress. Doesn't quite translate to the end of blogging. Being successful, that is.

I have what is to me a large LJ Friends Page, and I read the digest a couple of times a day. Non-LJ blogs I use Blogger to give me a digest. There are slow days, but I get something every day.

Randall Munroe, of course, knows how to capture all these feelings, with xkcd in stick figures:

The alt-text from a mouse hover reads, "[image: Oh, because Facebook has worked out SO WELL for everyone.]"

Of course LiveJournal hasn't made it easy, ever since they sold themselves. The Russian owners, the whole customer service debacle of LiveJournal Release 88 -- which was never completely resolved, etc.

Dreamwidth isn't particularly active among the people I follow, but the community is nice and the customer service is outstanding. I blog on Dreamwidth and crosspost to LJ -- there are subtle differences between DW and LJ and it's easier this way. And Anonymous comments are easier on LJ, alas, from the crap I get. But Mrs. Dr. Phil is amongst the many who don't have accounts on either and I'm not cutting her off. Various open login options exist including Facebook -- and everyone has trouble with them. And yeah, I also crosspost a link to LiveJournal from Facebook.

But I have a Permanent Account on LiveJournal, so there's no reason NOT to post/crosspost/comment there. And I have no desire to roll-my-own and put a WordPress or other blog on my website. So I'm on LiveJournal til they close down the servers.

Which hopefully isn't any time soon.

Dr. Phil

(Guess which one of these three is grossly out of date... grin.)

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