They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Huh. The Future Looks Remarkably Like Now.

Several waves of thunderstorms rolled through last night. The 3am storm was particularly noisy, plus a few rounds of heavy rain and possibly hail. The 7am storm provided entertainment for breakfast.

Gotta watch out for these storms.

You think Dorothy had it tough -- We're living in the future now!

Mrs. Dr. Phil had glanced at the VCR, which though it no longer plays a tape does serve as a living room clock.

It says it's 5:16am. 05/16/2043. It's a Wednesday.

Well of course it is. Who knew?

As a side note, now we better understand why we had to kick (restart) the DSL this morning.

Anyway, the VCR clock has been reset -- you have nothing to fear, the world of today has been restored. I'll be 84 when the future rolls around again on 16 May 2043 -- 29 years from now. A lot of my family on both sides has made it into their 90s, so there's a good chance I shall see 2043. Again. Hopefully I won't be surprised to see me sitting in my living room chair. And I'm sure my younger self will tell my older self, "Been here, done that." (grin)

I didn't notice any flying cars in the future. Damn. Sorry.

Dr. Phil

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