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The Cutest Ad On TV...

... goes to the Wiggle Cow ad for Jello Pudding. I'm not sure if it's the two people making up the cow suit or the young boy they are dancing with, but it brings a smile to a face every time the commercial comes on, especially the extended version. Catchy little silly song to sing along with it, even the wiggling Jello Pudding cups are funny.

Almost drove up to make up some Jello chocolate pudding the other day, but Mrs. Dr. Phil dug through her recipe file and came up with the Guinness Brownies instead... oh yum!

On The Flip Side

The creepy Burger King king ads are getting weirder -- the new one is pushing their new BK Joe coffee and makes fun of giving a guy a push while standing on the steel of a high rise under construction. WTF? Too strange! Not funny!

There, I'm all better now.

Dr. Phil

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