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Another Small Victory

On the way home Friday, I left early enough to make a stop to pick up the week's accumulation at our P.O. Box in Allendale. Got two items of note. One was a box from my mommy, which included some jelly beans, chocolate and chocolate bunnies for Easter. The other was a large envelope from CrossTIME/Crossquarter Publishing -- but not one of my return envelopes.

My short story "Boxes" took Third Place in this year's CrossTIME Short Story Contest and will be published in the CrossTIME Science Fiction Anthology Volume V. Expected date is probably late in June 2006 -- we'll of course keep y'all advised.

For those of you at home keeping score, my first published story, "The Gravediggers", was an Honorable Mention in this contest two years ago and appears in the CrossTIME Science Fiction Anthology Volume III (2004). "Boxes" will be my third published story, my second contest prize winner ("Lines West X-4334W" took Second Place at the N3F National Fantasy Fan Federation 2002 Short Story Contest, but no publication) and my seventh contest recognition (two prizes, one Honorable Mention, three Laudable Mentions and a Writers of the Future Finalist), with one commercial sale ("The Pulse of the Sea" in Northwest Passages: A Cascadian Anthology). All this with only 98 submissions so far...

From such small baby steps, a writing career can be made. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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