They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Now Is The Summer Of Our Disconnect

In looking back over several years, the period running up to Memorial Day can be a mixed bag for gas prices. The Glass-Is-Running-Out crowd of pundits is likely to speculate that price hikes foretell DOOM and $5-6 gas by the Fourth of July, but they go nuts every summer. Others figure a run up to the Fourth and the high prices through Labor Day.

Me? I comment and mock the potential causes...

Yesterday, Tuesday 13 May 2014, regular was $3.51.9/gal, which made midgrade $3.66.9/gal. But... I had two discount coupons from Family Fare -- One for 10¢/gal and one for 50¢/gal, so I paid just $3.06.9/gal for nearly seventeen gallons. I coulda been under three bucks if I didn't mind an engine with 316,000 miles running rough. (grin)

Which brings us to today. Same gas station at 5pm, $3.78.9/gal.**** Really? I mean a week ago it dropped down to $3.40.9 for a day and was $3.65.9/gal the day I ran to Penguicon. Obviously something in the news is causing massive price uncertainty and.. uh... I got nuthin'.

Okay, sure, we got snow in Colorado, big heat through much of the country and a cold snap in the Great Lakes, so the annual winter-summer gas conversion is no doubt confused. And Russia putting the screws on Ukraine... oh, that's natural gas, not gasoline.

My best guess for the summer, based on the last couple of years, is for prices to jump up leading into Memorial Day, then drop off and run $3.50 to $3.70 over the summer. Your mileage, of course, will vary.

Hey, it's not like the pundits know what they're talking about either. (grin)

Dr. Phil

**** Just to muck up everything some more, the Mobil across the road was still at $3.50.9/gal. Who knows something the other does not? Or was Family Failure trying to gouge those using the 50¢/gal coupons from the weekend? Or build up some profit for the Big $2.99.9/gal sale for $100 worth of groceries coming up. Guess we'll know by morning.

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