They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

"For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky"


Back on Monday 6 May 2013 I managed to get up off the futon on the floor for breakfast. I didn't feel good. Two hours later the wound specialist from Spectrum Home Nursing came buy to look at my foot. And I was too weak to get up off the floor. She told me to relax against the futon, she was arranging to have Allendale FD personnel to get me out of the house and into a Life Ambulance for a trip to the Butterworth ER. It was 5½ months before I would be home to stay.

In Physical Therapy we've been working towards being able to do a floor transfer, both up and down. We've been using a mat table so I can get on and off from a standing position. The AFO on my left leg and foot is supposed to not bend and my left knee isn't happy with being bent while weightbearing. Before last summer, I would lift up on my right leg. But I haven't been able from a kneeling position to get my right knee up and my foot flat.

So the goal this week was to put a chair on the mat table, so I could kneel straighter -- I have been using a chair to get off the floor for years anyway.

We took off both shoes and the AFO, and I got into a kneeling position and moved over to the chair. Still unable to get the right knee up. So... with Craig watching to make sure my left foot didn't get bent into a crazy angle, since I could neither feel nor see the left foot, I swung the left foot and pulled it forward and brought it flat. Success!

We were done for the day.

But I didn't stop there. I pushed up with my left leg, which despite everything is actually pretty strong, and pushed up with my arms on the chair. Right knee pulled up. Then I asked for Craig to put a hand for me to grab... And then got up. Stood up. Stood up straight on the mat table.

From there it was a short distance to reach up and touch the ceiling.

Was not expecting to touch the ceiling tiles. Ever.

Then two hands down on the chair. Right knee down. Swing left leg out and back, left knee down. From there, an easy roll onto my side, then back, then shimmied to the edge of the mat table and sat up.

Achievement Unlocked.

A few minutes later one of the staff from the front of the building, the Spectrum Campustown lab facility, came back and wanted to know what all the laughing was about. "I touched the ceiling." "He did."

This is not the same as having my foot fully healed or gaining nervous functions in my left leg back or even just being able to get shoes onto my AFO by myself. But it still is a big deal.

Only took a year or so.

Dr. Phil

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