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Gas was $3.63.9/gallon today in Allendale. Except that's not what I paid.

Family Fare ran Yet Another Gas Coupon deal over the weekend, but instead of 50¢ off per gallon for buying $75 or more of groceries, they had a coupon for $2.99.9/gal Regular if you spent over $100.

There was a time when $100 for groceries was hard to do. And you would have an army of bags to bring in the house. Now, not so much, even for just a pair of people with no kids and no pets at the present time.

Still, it wasn't easy, since it excludes some items and this week was a light grocery week. I think Mrs. Dr. Phil said we made it by $5. (grin)

Also, as good as 64¢ off was, it wasn't quite as good a deal as one could get, because it was only for Regular 87 octane. I usually put 89 octane Midgrade in the Blazer. Still, a tank o' the cheap stuff won't hurt it. Although saying one is paying under three bucks a gallon at $2.99.9 is pushing it a bit.

Still, I'm not complaining about Family Failure's marketing efforts. By and large their captive gas station's prices are the same as Mobil, Admiral and Speedway in town -- and Allendale is usually cheaper than Wayland and Grand Rapids -- and the quality is good, we're going to buy most of our groceries there, so why not take advantage of their coupons? You can always get some sort of discount coupon when you buy enough groceries, with tiers to get you 5¢, 10¢, 15¢, etc. off per gallon. And about every two-three weeks recently they've had one of the 50¢ off per gallon coupons, which are good across all three grades.

I wouldn't mind the current gas prices so much if the gas tax for roadway construction and maintenance had kept up with inflation. We're actually driving about the same, I heard recently, but as gas mileage goes up -- those pesky CAFE standards that the frothies claim can never possibly work *** -- we're actually not burning as much gas.

But no, we couldn't possibly bump up the gas tax to reflect the new realities of driving plus the overdue bill from decades of deferred maintenance. ESPECIALLY in an election year.

To his credit, Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI) has been trying to find $1-1.5 billion to really make a dent in Michigan's road repair backlog. Alas, the legislature is working on $300-500 million, which they will tout as a final solution, even though it still ends up putting us at a net loss in maintenance. Sigh.

And so the gas prices jump up and down at whim, and the oil companies rake in massive profits -- totally outside their control they say -- in a mockery of reasonableness.

Oh, and a holiday driving weekend approacheth...

Dr. Phil

*** It is true that to get higher gas mileage, either you have to go to a smaller car or pay more for more technology. However, increased demand for and practical technologies for automobile safety have also driven up prices, so it's hard to tell by how much they've gone up to save some gas. For small hybrids, the increased functional gas mileage over the same car without the hybrid tech won't result in any savings -- you'd have to own for a long time and drive a whole lot of miles to recoup the investment. But... if the goal is to use less fuels, then we can talk. After all, wasteful technology is usually cheaper in the initial cost outlay, but the damage is long term.
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