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Story Done!

Whew. That hour went fast.

Got up this morning at 7am and headed downstairs by 8. Richard S. Russell showed up at the empty Registration table soon after -- they weren't to open until 9:30. I was #1 and #2 on the signup list was also there early. And Richard had asked for eight authors to take the one hour writing challenge. And he got eight.

At 8:30 he read the first name on the list -- yours truly -- and I was randomly handed the first flash drive, lettered A-H.

Then it was time to write. I had scouted several possibilities, but I really didn't want to go too far. And I didn't want to use too much time going to/fro the sixth floor. So there was an open space next to Registration which had been used for Gaming in the evenings. And there was an outlet.

The Asus EeePC doesn't get a lot of use, so I tend to use it plugged in -- the power saving modes on battery slow it some and dim the screen. I'd already booted the machine upstairs, so just had to scattered all my pieces and bits: netbook, charger, six foot extension cord, reading glasses case, watch running the one hour timer, Kindle Fire HD, earbuds to listen to music, haiku the Verizon 3G hotspot. I should've taken a picture of my writing empire space, but I was busy and didn't think of it until I'd packed most of it away.

They gave us an hour to write and ten minutes transport time. Due by 9:40. I believe I turned it in second at 9:37. Richard handed out eight drives and got back eight, but only seven caps. (grin)

So the task was to take several lines of dialogue and incorporate them into a story -- judges were to award higher points for using all the dialogue together without breaking it up. The challenge dialogue was more than adequate for the story I wanted to write. Didn't think to do a word count before I shut down the netbook. I'll post later after we get results.

There are two Spontaneous/Overflow Programming Rooms -- 606 & 607. They will print out and the stories outside 606 sometime and at 10pm tonight in 606 they'll announce the results.

So... is my story any good? Well I think the germ of the story is good. It needs to be much longer, but I put all the major bits in, but the details... Ah, sorely lacking in some of those, as you can imagine.

It also pokes fun at a tired old movie trope that drives me crazy.

Will post after 10pm and perchaice will include the story.

We shall see what we can see.

Dr. Phil

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