They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Another Memorial Day

It's midnight and already Tuesday's first hour. There are exactly two movies on about war and those that serve. AMC is showing the dreadful Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor. TCM has the gutwrenching The Best Years of Our Lives. The latter is a far, far better movie, but best seen from the beginning. So I'm watching the other -- I'm a sucker for Doolittle.

As usual, retired Navy CWO Jim Wright has the right words to say on Memorial Day.

This certainly wasn't a usual Memorial Day weekend for us. We never once turned the TV on in the hotel room, though Mrs. Dr. Phil did get the WGVU NPR station on her Kindle Fire HDX. We didn't watch any of the Indianapolis 500 or its NASCAR cousin the Coca-Cola 600. We saw no blockbusters in cineplexes or IMAX. We didn't have a backyard barbecue. Skirting around Chicago we did listen to WGN-AM and heard the Cubs beat the Giants in San Frisco 8-4, apparently after ten losses in a row. 1-11 is not good odds. Can I pick 'em or what?

I didn't choose this weekend to hold a con, but it's one of the big weekends for SFF cons. It's not about dissing the nation's honored dead, so much as we are by and large wedded to jobs that don't believe in long summer vacations. The last Monday in May makes a three day weekend, right when the weather starts getting nice.

Memorial Day 2014 -- it's come and gone.

Dr. Phil

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