They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me


A long day in hospital. Very weird to feel perfectly normal, no different than last week or last month -- and to have walked into the hospital -- and yet I am still here.

1am -- wheeled down to ultrasound to confirm that I have no leg clots.

3:30am -- woke up so they could attach leads and the little WiFi heart monitor that fits in the handy pocket in the front of a gown.

6:30am -- temp 98.5°F and it stayed normal all day.

Morning -- Dietary hadn't come by yet, so breakfast was whatever. Some sort of farmers omelette, English muffin, oatmeal, juice and coffee (as if). No salt. Blech. Pharmacy had been by the first night and we went through my Ziplock bag o' meds. So first round of Rx showed up. Dozed. Woke up around 10:30 to find Mrs. Dr. Phil sitting there reading next to me.

Day -- Rounds. A whole team comes waltzing by, but this is more a meet-and-greet. I suspect the real conversations are in the hallway. Lunch was rigatoni and two meatballs, but we had to break out the fork because one of the meatballs had stuck to the lid of the food tray. No salt. Blech. My foot surgeon was supposed to come by at 2, but it ended up being more like 4:30 and it was the partner I'd seen once who "doesn't do wounds". Great. Infectious diseases came by with the main doctor from internal medicine earlier. I think my left foot was unwrapped and rebandaged three or four times. Culture taken. More blood draws. But the order had forgotten the blood culture draw. Supposed to be two draws. Normally I do pretty well, but four sticks produced only one draw, so a second person came by later. A third set of blood draws for SED rate, etc. a little later.

Evening -- Dietary had come by earlier, so dinner was the first specified meal. The cheeseburger ended up no cheese -- damned heart healthy crap again -- green beans cooked to death. Pathetic Kraft Free Ranch dressing for salad.

7:15pm -- moved around the corner to a single room. First time I turned on TV. Watched Jeopardy! and two hours of opening of Last Comic Standing.

10:30pm -- finally got a slot for the MRI. 3T Siemens unit. They give you noise cancelling headphones with your choice of Pandora channel. Last year I seem to recall I picked Led Zeppelin. This time I picked Queen. Long, long, LONG excruciating time keeping my left knee straight. IV placement "messed up", had to get a new IV set.

And how was your day?

Dr. Phil

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