They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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The Special Snowflake Award

I don't always link to idiots, but this particular special snowflake is a rare treat. Female Authors Depend on their Husbands to Write Romance By Michael Kozlowski.

His premise is total misogynistic crap. He defends his article because all the quotes are from women and therefore his argument must be true -- despite the fact that a number of those quoted say the quotes are out of context and that their situation does NOT validate his point.

It upsets me that in 2014 someone who considers himself an industry insider and editor-in-chief of an online site can believe his own story and then throw out denials even as his examples, premises and methodologies are shown to be deficient.

-- Women writers aren't really writer's.
-- They are princesses supported by their husbands.
-- The man's job is to work, the woman's to make babies and rear them.
-- Romance has lots of women writers and readers and self-publishing, so there has to be a problem here.
-- Women's writing is a hobby.

He mocks some of the men standing up to say that their wives helped them and dismisses them as poor hobby writers, too. Without checking to identify, oh the ones with 30 published novels and multiple New York Times mentions.

Worse, this guy can't even write.

Sorry. You have better things to do than read this claptrap, but sometimes you have to know your enemy.

And for the record, I am not a best-selling SF author or tenured Physics professor. But Mrs. Dr. Phil does support me, and if it wasn't for her excellent work health insurance, I would probably be dead now, instead of sitting in a hospital bed getting treated.

Utter, utter horseshit.

Dr. Phil

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