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The Unbelievable Lightness Of Being Sued

Writer John Scalzi has an item on his amusing blog today about a bit of Star Wars fanfic run amuck.

Fanfic, or fan fiction, is when a fan writes a story using the characters and settings of one of the favorite comics/movies/novels/games/etc. It's a touching bit of love and appreciation... but without the permission of the copyright holder, you just cannot sell fanfic without getting your asses sued off.

Some would argue that all fanfic is evil and should therefore be banned. Others said it is an act of love. I know or having met electronically a whole raft of people, some writers, some not, who either still write fanfic or began their process of becoming a writer by writing fanfic. Occasionally there are licensed outlets for fanfic, like the Star Trek Strange New Worlds anthology series. These are special cases.

But this person, Lori Jareo, has used her own publishing company (!) to produce a hardcopy of her work and posted it for sale on Wait -- she's in the publishing business and claims on her website that this is okay? Yikes!

Oh, and John found this item via this item on nihilistic_kid's blog. He found it on... oh never mind!

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