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HBO 2 -- Starship Troopers -- The Abyss

Second Session: Starship Troopers (conclusion)
Good thing our heroes are around or there'd be no happy ending for humanity. Also managed to eliminate the extra boyfriend via a brain smoothie.

The Abyss
Rather amusing movie to watch while under pressure in a tank. They're down 2000 feet, which would be roughly 66 atmospheres and not 2 atm. One of the techs complained that they adjusted pressure too fast -- I pointed out that the dialogue said eight hours to equalize, which is not unreasonable. And we do see Mary Elizabeth Mastratonio pinching her nose and blowing just like I have to. Movie has been out for a while, but James Cameron's fanatical devotion to details still holds up. I always worry what Bud's wedding band is made from -- gold and silver are too soft to hold up to the pressure door. Did they have titanium rings on the market yet? Or were Bud and Lindsey so much geeks that they used a pipe fitting? (grin) We ended the session with the psychotic SEAL lieutenant imploding and going crunch.

Heart and respiratory rates definitely drop while in oxygen under pressure. Normal resting pulse for me is about 59 for me. I know that last year in the hospital I regularly tripped the <50 bpm alarm when going to sleep and today, too, getting down to 49 bpm while "diving" as the team calls it. Looks like normal respiration at rest is around 23-26. In the tank can drop under 20, down to 15. There's a monitor I can see from my tank -- it has a clock display, too, if I line up my progressive lenses on my glasses to focus. Anyway yellow light for pulse rate alarm. Blue for respiration. Not quite sure where the trigger is yet -- I could ask but where's the science fun in that -- but maybe 15?

It is true that you sometimes hold your breath during exciting scenes. I think it was when the cable crane was coming down and then fell over the edge, I saw the blue light go to two bars and my respiration was 9. And I've SEEN this movie. (double-take-grin)

Waiting for Mrs. Dr. Phil to arrive and my discharge paperwork to get processed. Expect to blow this pop stand by 5pm or so. And back for Session Three and the uplifting conclusion to The Abyss tomorrow.

Dr. Phil

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