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9:20pm. Not quite dark in West Michigan in early June. Bug noises outside. Crickets. Bunches of birds atwitter -- real twittering -- in our stand of trees. The day lillies are growing lovely foliage. A huge skunk cabbage is smack in the middle of the bare patch of earth over the septic tank.

I'm home.

Not out of the woods, things could still go pear shaped, but there's a lot more optimism amongst the medicos than a week ago. If you're keeping score, we're at Plan J. No make that Plan K -- now I know how the hurricane and winter storm people feel looking at the alphabet -- as we've gone from a two-lumen PICC line to the actually installed single lumen line, and the other part of my Borg gear has been downgraded from a diffusion pump to a simple pumpless gravity fed IV on a stand. Sigh. So much for convenience.

But I'm home!

On the way home we stopped at Jimmy John's in Allendale, grabbed a couple of sandwiches and chips. Mmm, BBQ chips... flavor... salt.

There was a car in the driveway when we got home -- it was the IV delivery service with a big shopping bag of parts and tubes and cleaning stuff, then a big silvery block of ice packs and 500mL IV packs with vancomycin added.

Dinner. Then wait for the Spectrum Home Nurse to come and set up the first IV. Supposed to be 9pm, but as often happens it was closer to 10pm. Our address wasn't in her GPS. We've only lived here twenty years... In fact, the nurse is still here, working on her laptop in the dining room waiting the two hours for the drips to finish.

Clearly the system works, but I was really hoping for the diffusion pump. They keep telling me that the IV stand is portable, I can wander around the house, bathroom, etc. To which I cough (*bullshit*) and point out that I am 50% weight limited on my left foot right now and can only walk with either two canes or a walker. With what third hand am I supposed to carry/hold/move this IV stand? Idiots. 2 x 2 equals four hours of immobility a day. Probably nap in bed for the morning one, watch bad TV and write blog posts, as now, at night.

But I'm home.

And we'll endure. And hopefully improve things so that, for now at least, they don't want to take the foot.


Dr. Phil

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