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Heavy Weather

I awoke this morning (Saturday) and felt oppressively miserable. Mrs. Dr. Phil and I have allergies and sinuses which give us much grief, but for different reasons and often on different days. (ugh) Earlier in the week it was her turn, and now it's mine -- like we each respond one to the frontside of a weather pattern and one to it's backside.

I suppose I should be grateful that we aren't knocked out both at once, but I'm composing this at the Holland Amtrak station waiting for Mrs. Dr. Phil to come back from a conference in Chicago, so I've been batching it since Tuesday.

It took several hours for my head to clear -- the usual round of Advil and criminal Sudafed didn't improve things right off the bat. I'm not complaining, so much as musing... It's not that I'm always sick or feeling poorly on break weeks or weekends, rather I think I give myself permission. If this had been Friday, I'd have bulled my way to work and back, done my classes and driven my 150 miles roundtrip. Today I slept and recovered.

Really pretty day today. Would've gone running out and take care of some errands. As it was, I just got a few things done.

Not The Only Family Member Feeling Off

The "new" 1996 teal Blazer is running its SES -- Service Engine Soon -- light. Of the two engine warning lights, this is the more common and usually better one to have. The Check Engine light tends to be more dire -- cost us an engine on the '89 Blazer one time. Not sure what the '96 is complaining about -- checked the manual and re-tightened the gas cap, which is one of the things it can detect, but still on. Will put mid-grade 89-octane in the tank on the next fill. I've been trying to be cheap, our other trucks have always "preferred" premium gas -- no knocking.

Dr. Phil

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