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HBO 7 -- Avatar -- Bicentennial Man

Seventh session: Avatar (conclusion)
Unlike a tape, a DVD has to be sent to the right place to resume, when you're using a machine amongst multiple users. On the other hand the video quality is far, far better. How is a mother to choose?

So... we ended yesterday with the dastardly mercenaries of the dastardly evil company firing incendiaries into Hometree under the orders of the dastardly evil weasel of a dastardly evil company man.™ Something like Cameron's Titanic, the first half is something of a romantic adventure -- the second is a action movie. The Abyss is similar. And you wonder why James Cameron is a rich sonofabitch whose films are popular across many demographics.

The first two times I saw Avatar, the wonder was the immersive 3D vision. With that missing, the eyerolling dialogue and stereotyping of the noble savages screams much louder. Still, even with its flaws, Avatar is impressive and relatively satisfying. There are supposed to be two sequels. I have no doubt Cameron will have his amazing trilogy. Maybe he'll get some scriptwriting assistance... nah.

Bicentennial Man
Am I the only person who liked this when the Robin Williams movie came out? Because I know a lot of people who loathe it. Partway through, it's a bit of a clunker in spots, which are unfortunately more jarring due to the better parts. It could've been a sweet comedy, but mixing in more slapstick humor is painful. I didn't remember Sam Neill's performance being so... shallow. It's almost a cartoon character -- and Robin Williams is the android!

The opening credits are neat, a stylized subset of a robot assembly line. The James Horner score from 1999 has elements similar to his score for A Beautiful Mind (2001). We joke that John Williams steals themes from all over -- Horner steals from himself. (grin)

We never exactly figure out what Neill does to rake in enough money to own a robot. We don't learn a helluva lot about this world and how it works. I'm sure I read the Asimov novel this is based on, but I was a kid and I really don't remember much about it. Still, I find Williams more believable here than as Mrs. Doubtfire.

We end after the wedding of Little Miss. Tomorrow we move on to the next generations and watch our hero progress in his Pinnochio quest to become a real little boy. A dream he'll do a better job of than in Spielberg's A.I., which actually comes first alphabetically, but I saw most of it recently, so I'm putting it off for a while. There are still a lot is sessions left.


Overcast today, rain tonight, tomorrow, Thursday. Been home and doing at home IVs for a whole week. Fortunately the IV company delivered the next week's supplies, so the great science project can continue.

Meanwhile, I was wheeled out the back door of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber lab today and discovered that across the hall was a handicapped bathroom. It's just about four hours door-to-door for this operation, which makes it a bit tough for someone on Lasix and pushing fluids. We have a new procedure now. (executive-decision-grin)

Dr. Phil

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