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HBO 8 -- Bicentennial Man -- Back to the Future

Eighth session: Bicentennial Man (conclusion)
Yesterday I talked of James Horner's 1999 score having future echoes of A Beautiful Mind (2001). The second half of the film has past echoes of Braveheart (1995). Obviously Horner steals from the best. (grin)

This movie is about transformations and upgrades, which are not the same thing. Andrew wants to live his life as well as living life. His endeavors are all obsessions, which he enjoys until he runs into a barrier and declares, "Not enough."

It's not really a movie so much as a series of vignettes, which alas is where it falters. It's not coherently integrated together. Decades after he should have known, Andrew seems surprised or stumped by aspects of the human condition. Why should aging be a mystery? Other than to play for the laughs. He has a dog, Wolfie, who has a few scenes and disappears. With his obsessions, I expected his house to be a menagerie. It isn't.

And they started getting coy with the time jumps. No longer seven or twelve years later, it's many years later. As if they are trying to keep us from doing the math so the can surprise us with Andrew's end -- even though the film is called Bicentennial Man.

We are supposed to believe in this future because it is beautiful -- huge homes, vast parks and flying cars. I cannot go there easily, even if this is a robotic fairy tale. It doesn't seem sustainable. In the end, this film cannot decide if it's serious or a comedy. You can have humor in a serious film, it's harder for a comedy to be believed as serious commentary.

I can like this movie a bit and still find it shallow.

Back to the Future
Yes, this comes earlier in the alphabet. I was going to skip the series, but decided I should go for the first one anyway. Haven't seen it in a while. And I am repelled at how ugly everyone is to Michael J. Fox. His father is a weak schmuck, his mother a drunk, his siblings stupid, his principal a jerk. Yikes. Einstein may be the nicest character in the whole movie.

Ah, but there's Huey Lewis and the News...

We had just got up to our hero crashing into 1955 -- and a barn -- and being mistaken for an invading alien.


When I came out of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, I ended up staying on the gurney and pushed to the examining room next door. Because the doctors from the Wound Clinic needed to see my foot and they said it'd be either Tuesday or Friday. Which is why this is Wednesday. (grin)

Still with the battle of the doctors. The foot surgeon prefers dry bandages, the Wound Clinic prefers a treatment of some kind. So basically we'll go back to the dressing we were doing before this latest flare up. Otherwise, it's looking good, though it bled a bit after debridement, especially with blood thinners. Too early to know what's happening deep inside.

Rainy grey day. Got spat on while being rolled out to the Blazer. The sun came out as I got home. As I write this now, the nearly full moon is shrouded in fog.

Half a mile from home, driving under some trees and SPLA-AAAT! Not one, not two, but THREE ginormous bird poops on the windshield, right in front of the driver. While it was still wet, I ran the washer for several seconds until clear. Rinse. Repeat.

Birds. It's always something.

Dr. Phil

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