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HBO 10 -- Back to the Future Part III -- The Core

Tenth session: Back to the Future Part III (conclusion)
So Friday's dive begins with Michael J. Fox standing in a pile of shit. As in... horseshit. I still shake my head, wondering how we got out in the West. But it doesn't matter. We're in 1885 trying to save a stranded Doc Brown using 1955 technology to fix the time circuits attached to a 70 year old Delorean that won't be built for another thirty years.

That poor Delorean has had so many wheel changes...

Michael J. Fox sure doesn't have the temperament to time travel and not screw up everything. Doc Brown is adaptable -- love his outrageous modified rifle -- but Great Scott he isn't much better. You can only look at this only as entertainment, a sort of movie comic book.

It is fun, though. The HBO unit didn't have Part II, which is just as well, since it's the weakest and most repellent story of the three.

That spur line to the unfinished bridge over the canyon with three names? Given the number of minutes they're traveling at speed, it's a goodly distance. Especially with all the climbing around and last second miracles.

But I do like the flaming tire tracks that continue on after the bridge ends.

And what happens to the Delorean is perfect. Ends the story. Sort of. Even clean up a few loose ends from Part II.

Marty McFly never actually gets home. His dreadful original home, that is. Dave, my officemate from grad school, once did a huge flow chart of all the time lines in the series on a big sheet of butcher paper. It's very complicated.

The Core
This is a movie that I've seen, but haven't seen. As in it came out in 2003 and was one of the in-flight movies as we crossed the Atlantic in a Northwest DC-10 between Detroit and Amsterdam, on our trip to/from Helsinki. But the headphone jacks were in the armrest up against my leg and there wasn't any way to plug it in or use the volume controls. So it was on the screen, but I had no sound.

That might have been an improvement.

Okay, let me say I enjoyed the pacemaker moment after the confused opening. But seriously, navigating a Space Shuttle solely by one beacon? No wonder they ended up 129 miles off course. And bickering about who gets to land? The astronauts are a whole lotta more professional than that. And pulling a Captain Sully and landing a Space Shuttle on that concrete lined canal beloved in TV and movie chase scenes, the Los Angeles River. Ri-iight. Or would they have us believe that Captain Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger, III learned his 2009 maneuver from this monumental work of science? (*cough horseshit*)

We haven't gotten to the big reveal of their mission to the center of the Earth. Yet.


I already pointed out the problems I had with the IV Friday morning. What I hadn't realized was the the hyperbaric oxygen unit doesn't start at 8am, but 6:30am. And of their patients has to get in before 6, so they start at 5:30am. So, if I was going to be an hour late or more, we'd have to skip the session. Fortunately, there is normally some down time between the end of the IV and my 12:15 departure time. Removing the slack, I left only 20 minutes late, tack on extra time to fill the gas tank, I was only 30 minutes behind my schedule. Yay. Go me.

Gas was $3.74.9/gallon, the grade differential is 15¢, so premium was $4.04.9/gal, minus the 50¢/gal Family Fare coupon, so I paid $3.54.9/gal for over 16.6 gallons.

That was Friday. On Saturday, a quick trip to Holland to pick up a Chicago deep dish pizza from Crust 54, I noticed that regular had jumped up thirty cents to $3.97.9 and $3.99.9/gal. Sigh.

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