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Money Goes TO The Writer -- It's Not Free Unless The Writer Says So

One of things brought up at the Clarion Workshop -- ten years ago right now for me --is that money flows to the writer. This is not unreasonable. You can choose to give your stuff away. You can support a market you believe in, or support a friend, for token pay or for free. But it's your choice. To pay someone to publish something as a vanity thing, or do it because someone promises you "exposure", well, that's worth about the paper it's printed on.

I've ranted about this before.

Sometimes people will publish something that they didn't write. Without permission. Without submission by the author. Sometimes without acknowledgement. Always without payment. There's a word to describe that -- it's called theft.

Note that's different from quoting something. Providing a link. Recognizing the author. On Facebook you can Share someone else's post -- the Share provides a link to the original.

I mention this because a friend of mine, Jim Wright, who publishes his essays on his own website, Stonekettle Station, found that his latest was post was being used on other sites and radio shows -- in its entirety -- without any attempt to seek permission or offer payment.

And so he has taken the following step:
Saturday, June 14, 2014

Absolutely Nothing

This post has been removed.

It has removed because a number of commercial news sites and radio shows stole my intellectual property without bothering to ask for permission or offering compensation. These thieving sons of bitches took my material and used it to attract readers and viewers which in turn makes them money, none of which was offered to me.

Here I write for myself and I don’t mind you reading it for free, here on Stonekettle Station. But I will be goddamned if I’ll allow people to take my stuff without permission and go make money on it without giving me a piece of it. When I said something to this effect on social media, I began receiving messages from readers who were offended and seem to think I owe it to the world to give my material away for free to whomever wants it and however they want to use it - and that I’m somehow a whore for expecting payment. Tell you what, you’re welcome to write your own goddamned stuff.

If you want to read the article, well, folks, it’s been posted all over the internet, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a copy.

Stonekettle Station will be off-line until further notice.
Ironic that I am posting his words here, with a link to the original. Because I am sure he wouldn't mind. Besides, think of the exposure he's getting to my five or six loyal readers.

Does that make you think? Do you question whether I have the right to do this? It's news, after all.

My point exactly.

So far no one has felt I'm worth plagiarizing. Although openings of some of my online stories have been used for Internet bait-and-switch sites, which purport to have stories, but actually are trying to sell you crap.

Remember, money goes to the writer -- their choice.

Jim, I hope someone apologizes for their crime -- or get's their ass sued off. I would hate to think that thieves will deprive us of more Stonekettle posts.

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